I’m am a recent graduate from *censored* university in *censored*, Texas. I started writing at an early age and always envisioned a career for myself that allowed me to tell stories, no matter how ridiculous or obtuse they might be.

I grew up in Baytown, Texas, which basically means I got really good at keeping myself entertained for hours at a time. I started writing books in my early teenage years, mostly crafting fantastical worlds for mischievous wizards and heroic swordsmen, which is a genre I’d love to revisit one day. My later teen years, appropriately riddled with angsty mood swings and emotional distress, brought me into the world of horror. I had always loved horror films and thrillers from a young age, but something about high school left me with the desire to actually sit down and write about a bunch of idiot teenagers getting slaughtered by the neighborhood lumberjack. Oddly enough, it was then I knew I wanted a career in writing.

When I eventually attended *censored* university, I took a lot of odd jobs like being the local mall’s Easter Bunny for a regrettable period of time, delivering newspapers door-to-door at three in the morning for the city paper, and even somehow stumbling into the leading male role for an MTV music video in Houston. College was an interesting time in my life, for sure. And luckily, it spawned my first series of published pieces, which you may know as the “I Am Become Dead” series.

Since then, I’ve gradually been building my career as an author and publisher, which led to you reading this perfectly crafted biography.



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