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Alison Clifford
Author of White Rose, Seeing Red, & Secrets Within


Alison is the author of the White Rose series and the New London books, and is a member of the Australian Crime Writers Association. She has served in both the Australian Army Reserve and the Royal Australian Air Force, and now lives in Tasmania with her family. Alison is a self-confessed stationery junkie, loves forests, and drinks too much tea.

Location: Tasmania, Australia
Joined Channillo: November 2015
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“Mrs Markov, where is your husband?”

Beth’s life is perfect. Newly married to FBI Special Agent Nick Markov and building her career as a forensic botanist, Beth has it all.

Until Nick betrays his fellow agents and abandons her.

Beth is left alone to face the devastation of Nick’s lies. Grilled by the FBI, the only person who believes Beth is innocent is Nick’s boss, Assistant Director Warren Pearce.

When Beth disappears, her abduction signals the start of a series of events that no one could have foretold.

White Rose follows Beth’s story through a series of romantic suspense/thriller novels, all rolled into one continuing tale.

Category: Fiction Book Chapters
Updated: Weekly

Have you ever enraged a murderer?

Redhead Nell, a civilian psychologist with the US Navy, takes her dream job at a submarine base to escape a protective family and build a life of her own. Meeting James, the handsome skipper of the submarine Scottsdale, is a bonus she hadn’t expected.

When Nell is attacked after a body is pulled from the local river, two investigations swing into motion, with no obvious link between them. The killer plots to keep the cases separate and conceal the damning secrets from his past that would lead to a connection, and his demise.

As his attempts to complete the cover-up fail, his frustration and rage turn toward the person who stands in his way.

The redhead shrink. 

Category: Fiction Book Chapters
Updated: Weekly

Secrets Within

Category: Fiction Book Chapters
Updated: Weekly

Secrets Within