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I am a writer and illustrator with a keen enjoyment of creating science fiction books for youth and young adult readers.  I am a novice inventor as well, and so, have blended some of that past experience into my stories to make them that much more intriquing and believable as well.  A teaser poem at the beginning of my books adds an enjoyable hook too.

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In this series called, "Alex the Inventor", you will enjoy 3 captivating stories about Alex Faraway, a boy of our near-future-world who uncovers a mysterious and frightening conflict between creatures not of our world, that has been 10,000 years in the making.

With each midnight journey the lonesome boy takes into the maze that is the scrapyard beyond his mother's old farmhouse, Alex is drawn further and further away from his familiar world and into one that is both tantalizing and terrifying in its possibilities. For Alex Faraway must try to understand, not only the beings (both good and evil) that he encounters there, but also the mounting clues which lead him to believe that there is much more to himself than he could possibly have imagined.

Exotic Inventions, Imaginary Physics, Living Machines, a hidden Starship and a Martian girl from out of the past - Alex The Inventor has all of these.  

And as the pieces of the mystery begin falling into place for the inquisitive boy-genius, the approach of a much larger threat from across the cosmos becomes more evident with every passing day!


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Alex The Inventor

Book II - Alex The Inventor
(And the Ghosts in the Glass Tunnels)

‚ÄčOne week has passed since Alex's friend Rainah Oyahee departed for Mars, her Homeworld with the Gardener, Miss Vee in the huge Bio-Dome vessel.  But now, Alex Faraway has a dream-vision that haunts his sleeping hours, and it is a truly compelling dream:  to be free of Earth and voyage across the cold, velvet void to be on Mars at last.  For Alex Faraway is growing impatient for the arrival of his father from his Homebase on Mars - an arrival that should have happened already.  Alex senses that something has gone wrong. 

But it is also the lucid dream – which grows clearer every night – that opens a door to a past that Alex soon becomes enthralled by.  It is a past life as seen through the eyes of Halden Fier-Waii, and through his eyes, Alex relives the last days of Mars’ golden age ten thousand years ago.  What Alex experiences through his ancestor’s eyes changes his own life as well, because Alex’s Luss Powers are growing steadily.  And as he grows more confident with the wondrous Martian device that he inherited, so too does the Luss affect a change in Alex that is equally wondrous and strange. 

The Others are not dead.  Indeed, the monster within the HIVE Network has now been fully awakened after Alex’s previous battle with them and its human emissaries now hunt for the unnatural boy with focused intent.  Planet X drifts ever nearer to its inevitable collision with Mars, bringing with it the awesome Great Change that will affect everyone.

There are the mysterious Glass Tunnels which can entice and usher one across their dimensional threshold where time and space become irrelevant, but where the uninitiated also become locked within a maddening prison worse than the deepest dungeon.  Into the tunnels Alex must venture though if he and his ghostly friends from the past can hope to defeat the Others.

And just who – or what – are the Nethlins?     

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Alex The Inventor