Well this feels a little weird, writing an about section for myself.  The narrative options alone could kill a man. I could go first person with it, or the ever-famous self-written third. So intimidating, so much pressure. A nap would be nice before I make this call. ;)

Okay, let’s think about this. What am I about...

Lots of things I guess. I married the amazing Maryna Wandschneider back in September of 2010 so that’s pretty awesome!

I work by day, as a structural engineer. That pays the bills but I’m sure that’s a little boring for you to read about. Unless you like concrete and steel and junk and stuff. But I think about that all day long so I’d rather not get into it here.

So there it is I guess, pretty basic. I’m married, got a job, have some great friends (about 10 real life ones and like a thousand electronic ones I never even shook the hands of), no worries, I dig them all!

Oh yeah. And I write a little. I started writing shortly after marrying M and I haven’t stopped yet and no one’s asked me to so I guess I’ll keep going and see what comes out of this mind goo of mine.

So far I have my first novel “Pandora’s Chase” just about finished. I have a few months of final revisions to buzz through before I use that to try and break into the sci-fi world. Keep your fingers crossed for me if you would.

I also, as you might know, have a little story I’m putting up here called “Lockheed Elite”. It’s my little vision of what it would be like to work as part of a space flight crew if you throw in a little madness. I REALLY love this story and where it’s going. I’m having so much fun writing it and it seems to be picking up some pretty excited readers so I’m working really hard not to disappoint them.

Other than that, I like to keep life pretty simple here in Seattle. I guess being a Green Bay Packer fan in She-Hawk country is a bit complicated but we’re working it out. They leave me alone and I keep laughing at them. It works out just fine. :)

Thanks for reading and if you subscribe to Lockheed Elite, know that your money goes to a wonderful charity called I love what they do for Heifer International.

And if you read Lockheed Elite, your feedback is always welcome. tyler(at)tswbooks(dot)com. I truly hope you enjoy the ride.


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