Christopher Waltz
Author of Hellbound, Z: True Stories of a Cult Kid, & Ivy League


Christopher Waltz was born in Indiana in 1987 and promptly began writing once leaving the womb. While this is a complete lie, Christopher did begin writing around age eight at which point he penned and illustrated a sequel to the film "Jumanji," and later, many short stories based on the TV show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

Since that time, Christopher has continued writing and obtained a degree in secondary education from Indiana University's School of Education in 2011. He currently works as a middle school English teacher and Young Adult and Horror author.

His debut novel, Ivy League, has been reviewed as "dark and gritty" and "unique YA," and is available now. The sequel to Ivy League, Old Habits, is also available.

You can visit follow Christopher on Twitter: @christoph_waltz.

Learn more about Christopher's newest project, Dead Oaks: A Horror Anthology Podcast at

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"I will execute great vengeance on them with wrathful rebukes. Then they will know that I am the Lord, when I lay my vengeance upon them.” -Ezekiel 25:17

Little does anyone know, the end of the world is about to begin in a small town in southern Indiana, and a sarcastic diner-owner named John may be the world’s only hope to keep from being sucked into Hell…

After a large sinkhole devours Ezekiel, Indiana’s historic gazebo in the middle of the night, John awakens to discover that nearly all the citizens of his small town have begun acting out their most prominent of the seven deadly sins, while those not affected have packed up and abandoned the town with little to no notice at all. Over the next few days, John and his best friend navigate their way through people they once knew acting in unimaginable ways, a group of Bible-thumping citizens convinced the sinners of Ezekiel must pay the ultimate price, and a TV evangelist offering his expertise as a way to cleanse the town of evil… for a price, all while realizing John may be the only person on the planet with the ability to stop the town, and eventually the rest of the world, from going straight to Hell.

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“I was taught to believe that humanity was imploding on itself. Only those of us living at the compound were pure, and it was our job to make sure the rest of the world got what it deserved.”

-Ezra Grady

On June 7th, 2009, after an argument with his parents, ten-year-old Ezra Grady ran away from his home in Harmony, Maryland. After years of searching for Ezra with no leads, the Harmony police declared him dead on June 11th, 2016.

On September 1st, Ezra reappeared at his former home, alive and well.

Told through letters, essays, police interviews, and photographs, Z: True Stories of a Cult Kid chronicles the mysterious, frightening, and deadly seven years of Ezra’s life after being recruited by and eventually escaping a doomsday cult based out of Dresden, Illinois.

However, as with every story, things may not be as they seem with Ezra, the cult, and his return home.

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Jamie Brewer has just received the one piece of mail he’s been waiting for his whole life: his college acceptance letter. But when a series of unfortunate events makes paying tuition to one of the most prestigious universities in the country practically impossible, Jamie makes a decision that will not only provide him with the cash he needs, but may end up get him killed in the process…

Selling drugs starts out well for Jamie, but things quickly begin to spiral out of control: his best friend and girlfriend are weary of his career choice, a local police officer is determined to catch him in the act, and worst, his partner in crime, Gabe, may be more dangerous than anyone ever imagined.

What begins as fun and games is about to become much more serious, causing Jamie to question just how far he will go and whose lives he will risk in order to become Ivy League.

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