Mark is an author of science fiction and fantasy stories.  He lives in Illinois with his wife and three kids.  He loves talking about the SFF genres almost as he loves writing within them.  So feel free to use the discussion link when you read any of his work here.

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After a thousand years of protecting the last of humanity, the City of Gabriel is dying. When it goes, the domed city will either be the womb that gives birth to the next step in human evolution, or it will become the largest tomb on Earth. Below the city, inside a vast warren of caves, Elliott Dawning awakens to find that the last three years of his life have been taken from him. His will, his body, his very identity, has been usurped and wiped away until the moment he opens his eyes. His body has been changed, more so than the rest of the humans inside the domed city. He begins his third life as the unstrung puppet trying to find his sister and stay away from the artificial archangel that had abducted him. By the end, Elliott will be forced to either take up the role of puppet master, or condemn a hundred million people to death. 

Sarah Dawning has known loss in her life. When she lost her parents, her brother kept her from giving up. When her brother died, she anchored herself to the Holy Order of Archivists and the man she loves, Bishop Galen Rostum. Together they will learn that the city's Archangel A.I. has plans for both of them, and their love for each other will be the catalyst that ignites the terrible purpose hidden within Sarah. 

When brother and sister find each other again, they will launch revolutions, unleash monsters, give rise to miracles, see the birth of magic and legend in a world of technology, and perhaps discover something about who and what they have become. That's assuming they survive, of course. 

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A prequel of the Ark Project, discover how the Harbinger Plague from the novel "Wings of Silver and Blood" is discovered.

Walter Francis, news correspondent, is the first to break the story of the cybernetic smart virus calling itself Harbinger.  He will chase it half way around the world, following in its wake of murder and destruction to bring its message and warning to a species on the precipice of its own destruction.

Category/Genre(s): Science Fiction, Fantasy, Short Stories
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