Rusheena Boone
Author of Into the Shadows, Contemplating Tomorrow, & Descent


I'm a 27 year old, who resides in Georgia and a 2015 aluma of Southern New Hampshire University (with a B.A. in Creative Writing and English). I currently write poetry, short fiction, non-fiction, and essays.

Location: Georgia
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These are stories from those who live in the shadows. We've all played in the shadows, balancing our loyalty between the darkness and the light. Some finally choose a side, while others remain torn between the two, constantly wandering through life, in search of solace. 

Category/Genre(s): Poetry, Horror
Updated: Monthly

A collection of poems and prose that explore various facets of life, from the mundane moments we seldom remember to dealing with regret and personal failures. Life is a journey with endless twists and turns that define who we are and shape how we see the world around us.

Category/Genre(s): Poetry
Updated: Weekly


noun |de·scent| \di-ˈsent\


Definition of descent

1 : the origin or background of a person in terms of family or nationality.

2 : an action of moving downward, dropping, or falling.



Secrets, lies, tragedy, and abandonment are just a few woes that tear families apart. While some can withstand the most egregious of sins, others crumble at the foundation at the mere sign of adversitiy. No family is perfect, but that doesn't stop some from putting on a facade. 

Category/Genre(s): Poetry
Updated: Other

What happens when a person strays away from faith? Is repentance enough to wipe the slate clean, if you keep making the same mistakes?

When temptation lurks in every corner, redemption can seem too far out of reach, even after God extends his helping hand. So, how can one overcome the desire to be eclipesed by darkness?

This is a glimpse of a Christian's "walk of faith" and the struggle to win the tug of war between free will and conviction.

Category/Genre(s): Poetry
Updated: Other