Greetings to you beautful! A bit about me...I am a human, a lover, and I am entralled with the ebb + flow of Nature's energies. My life is an emotional roller coaster as we all can sympathize and as we grow through life we learn more about ourselves + the world around us. I have re-disocvered myself as Mother Nature's universal flower child. 

I have not often felt understood or believed I had a voice that needed to be heard. So what you will find are collections of writings that have served as a vehicle that moved me from one place in my life to another. 

I intend to be as trasparent as possible so that as share with you where and how I am journeying on my life path, you may receive some good feels and incite as well. 

I look forward to you getting to know me and maybe a bit more about you too as we ride on the wave of truth, inter-connection, and love.


Name: Jae Sada'
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Channillo Series: My Thoughts in Prose: When My Heart Can't Make Sense of Itself
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