Who is L.L. Lily?

L.L. Lily is a self-published author, freelance proofreader, book reviewer, educator, and mental health activist. When she's not penning her latest contemporary romance, she's reading cute and sexy books, laughing at funny babby daddy videos, and listening to good music.

Why does she hide behind an author persona? 

L.L. Lily is a recent college graduate with a Bachelor of Science Education degree (school counseling concentration). She likes keeping her personal and professional life separate hence the pen name she adopts on all her published works.

Works by L.L. Lily

At the time of writing, L.L. Lily authored three novels (His Friend Request, Undeniable Desire, and Fallen for the Mafia Prince) and a short story (Lotus). She also publishes weekly book reviews on her personal blog and Instagram.


Keep in touch:

IG: @L.L.Lily13

Twitter: @LLLily13


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