Moose Tyler’s literary work first became known in Mrs. Braly’s 5th grade English class, where she penned the popular series Ketchup Korner.

Her short stories "Pieces of Me," "Woody Shackles and the Broken Jacaranda Tree," and "Lock Your Sh@! Up When Papa Comes to Town" garnered attention around a water cooler.

After a stint writing advertising copy that she didn’t care to claim, Moose turned to poetry and film. The chapbook "BarcaLounger Stuffing" took two coffeehouses by storm, and the screenplay Marsha Clementine won top honors at the CineMoose Film Festival.

Known as the Daughter of Swords, Moose Tyler is a writer by day, creative vigilante by night, and the current Mayor of Mooseville. 

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Location: Mooseville, USA
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