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Emily is a student studying English secondary education. She is an avid writer, reader, and believer in the Oxford comma. 

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Madeline Parish is the twelfth sister in the royal family of Edessa. The shortest and youngest of her sisters, Madeline often finds herself in the background, hidden from the cameras and attention behind eleven shimmering gowns. She soon gets the opportunity to use her near-invisibility to her advantage as she pulls off an elaborate plot to quietly destroy all of her sisters in a fight for the throne.

Madeline has dreams she wants to fulfill as queen, dreams for social reform which could turn her kingdom into a prospering, international powerhouse. Unfortunately, her vain, charming father, King Nicolas, is far more interested in having the whole kingdom love him and his new haircut than in implementing policy changes, and you know, doing basically everything kings should do.

King Nicolas has ruled for over a decade, and now he is seeking an early retirement. On the eve of the new year, he will announce to the kingdom which of his twelve daughters he sees fit to rule, and she will be coronated that same night. With a million futures at stake, Madeline takes matters into her own hands. With the help of her childhood friend and her secret boyfriend, Madeline uses everything from arranged romance to international schemes to get her eleven older sisters to be seen as unfit for the throne.

Through guilt, betrayal, and past and present family drama, Madeline discovers more about her family, and herself, than she ever wanted to. As her relationships with her family and friends break and heal and break again, as she fights for what she believes to be right, as the kingdom she loves so much threatens to fall apart, Madeline inadvertently discovers what it means to be the villain of her own story. 


Category/Genre(s): Young Adult, Romance
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