My name is Bryan. I write edgy and raw teen fiction that really captures reality. I am from Spokane, Washington, but I was born in a city where our claim to fame was how many fish were in our lake. I've never outgrown that mentality, as I dream of the great outdoors constantly. My sister, Carlie, is someone I consider inseparable. Where I go, she goes with me in my heart. Jen L. Hawkins, my best friend, is my incredible contributor to all of my works. My wife, Emily, gives me all sort of emotional support. Throw in my cousin Amanda, and we make one heck of a family.



As for me? I'm into dark fantasy and philosophy. I consider Inferno by Dante to be more than just a divine comedy. Franz Kafka has always made my mind think deeper as I read his wonderful works. The only thing as enjoyable as writing is reading. 


I support LGBTQ and seek to raise teen depression awareness. I will always work hard to make America a better place for our children. We need equality, plain and simple.

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