Hello! Thank you for stopping by. A few things about me are I love to write. That's why I'm here. I also love to sing. I am actually a singing server. My sarcasm runs thick. So thick that my mother tells me I always have something to say, so 7 years ago I started a blog cleverly named Never A Loss for Words. I try to write there daily. <-- you can find me here. I love the outdoors, I have a dog, a Jeep, and constantly seek a quiet place to regain my sanity. That's really about it without boring you to tears or a slow death. Drop me a message if you'd like. I'm addicted to my phone, so I will always answer soon. (Please know that on my twitter account, I like to cuss) I do have an Instagram account @lilianvale_ishere and  I do have a Facebook page: @lilianvalebooks

Thank you, again!

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