I am Michael and I will most often be found at work, reading comics, watching my favorite television shows (or if none of those currently hold my attention) I'll be found out in the woods, enjoying the simplicity of the world around me. 

I'm a poet, first and foremost, though I have an anthology of short stories which I was recently told by a few friends I should lengthen and publish elsewhere. So here I write. My poetry can be found at (which I am in the process of archiving and shutting down.)

My chosen genre is High Fantasy, where I frequently find my mind running away to. Magic, dragons, elves, adventure... they're all very close to my heart and my characters are based on the people I have met and interacted with throughout my life. 

If you're still reading and choose to follow any of my writings, thank you, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed bringing my world to life. 


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