Julián Esteban Torres López
Author of Ninety-Two Surgically Enhanced Mannequins


I'm the founding Editor of Torres López Editing Services, and am a writer of comedy, poetry, fiction, essays, and creative nonfiction. 

I'm an introverted bibliophile who takes the stairs to avoid awkward elevator small talk. I have lived in five countries and have had over 80 roommates, which has made it difficult to call one place home. I do, however, have a special place in my heart for the Aburrá Valley of Colombia, the seacoast of New Hampshire, Canada’s Okanagan Valley, and the hills of San Francisco.

I have three front teeth (go ahead, look at my profile photo), swam in the Amazon River, like to play the French Defense and the Colle System as chess openings, was almost born in Queens New York, find the taste of alcohol disgusting, my wife is my favorite painter, secretly desire to be a stand-up comic or a classical music composer, and feel at ease near mountains.

I received a BA in Philosophy, a BA in Communication, and an MA in Justice Studies from the University of New Hampshire. I was a PhD candidate at University of British Columbia Okanagan’s Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies Program, focusing on Political Science and Latin American Studies.

I have worked with cultural institutions, libraries, universities, corporations, journalists, artists, writers, databases, government agencies, business professionals, non-profits, and historical societies to provide research, writing, and/or editing services for academic books, literary and news publications, peer-reviewed journal articles, curated exhibits, and historical narrative projects. I have also held leadership positions in the academe, the arts, the business sector, writing workshops, journals, and history museums.


You can purchase my books as paperback and eBook on Amazon:
Long-form philosophy/ethics/political science essay on violence, revolution, and the treatment of human life, Marx's Humanism and Its Limits: Why Marx Believed We Should Achieve Socialism and Communism Nonviolently


I have another book, Reporting on Colombia: Essays on Colombia’s History, Culture, Peoples, and Armed Conflict, coming out in the summer of 2018. It's a collection of articles I wrote as a journalist reporting on Colombia between 2010 and 2012


I've published poetry in several journals, among them AegisBleach MagazineGentle Strength QuarterlyThe WRIToracleColombia Reports, and the anthology Shattering Silence: Reclaiming the Voice of Social Awareness through Poetry and Art

You can find my most recent flash-fiction piece “Colorful” in Burningword Literary Journal, Issue 86, April 2018.

Location: San Francisco, CA
Twitter: @JE_Torres_Lopez
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