What can I say about myself? As a child, I never lived in a place longer than three years. As an adult, I have lived and worked abroad in England and Japan. Travel is part of who I am, and a big part of my writing. When someone reads one of my books I want them to feel like they are experiencing a real world, with fleshed-out cultures, complete with maps, languages, and histories.

Leda and the Samurai 

Living in Japan I was inspired to write this one very hot summer as I walked through the Tanabata decorations. I felt like one might be able to step through a door and end up somewhere magical…


Being cooped up since the beginning of the pandemic has made me crave travelling. I've also found it hard to motivate myself to write. I began this story to scratch both those itches. It's a fun adventure story about people trvelling through different countries on their search to find people with special powers: the Silverings.

I've also published novels!

I’ve always loved the Bronze Age and often felt disappointed by how few fantasy novels ventured into this territory (choosing instead to go with the more classic medieval setting). It’s exciting to mix two of my great passions, mythology and history, together. Orope - The White Snake and Pekari - The Azure Fish are the first two books in the Whisperers of the Gods series.

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