A lot can be said about A. S. MacKenzie. Some good...some even better. However, to truly understand the man you will need to go back to the beginning: Florida.
   On a spring day in 1974, A. S. entered the world through the hospital in Sarasota, Florida. Over the course of the next couple dozen years, he would find himself growing, learning, and engaging in all manner of activities. Things like walking, school, eating, driving, and ultimately reading. While the third activity listed is a decided favorite of his, it really is the last item that holds a special place in his heart.
   You see, since A. S. was young, the one thing he was able to do better than most was read. He completed the 12th grade reading level assignments by age 8 and went on to complete the college level by age 11. His voracious love of reading led him to where he finds himself today: as a struggling writer.
   Don't misunderstand, he is not struggling in the typical sense. He has a great job as an AV consultant in Atlanta for large-scale commercial clients, is married to a wonderful woman and happily spoils two adorable dogs. The struggle comes in the form of attempting to create a life as a writer. He constantly writes short stories, essays, reviews, and multiple novels (one of which is complete!) just for the sake of it. He also has a newsletter he sends out monthly with a new serial story installment. 

   The struggle is in continuing to climb forward in this life as a writer. There are times he finds himself tired, lazy, hungry, or too enthralled in a comic or book to write. It is here that he struggles and it is through this site he hopes to break free of that struggle. Through this website he can stretch his writer's legs (is that a thing?), and kick off the struggle to become the writer he always knew he could be.
   A consistent one.
   Additionally, he really enjoys plastic model building, gaming, cooking, and woodworking.


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