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The Vox Humana series spans six books with a final seventh in the works. The books follow the fortunes of nurse Reece Meyers as he meets tragedy working famine relief in rural Ethiopia in the village of Godo (Book One). While there he falls for fellow nurse, Emma, although he is engaged to another woman back in Alabama. After returning home in what appears to be a coma (Book Two), Reece makes a stellar recovery but must choose between Emma and his fiancee Kristin. When Emma returns home (Book Three), having suffered a brutal attack, things get even more complicated, as she only lives an hour south of Reece and has her sights on him. Reece is able to go back to work as a nurse, and his relationship with Kristin deteriorates as a new woman, Cindy, is introduced into the mix (Book Four). More tragedy follows as Emma learns devastating news that draws her even closer to Reece, which brings us to Book Five and a new twist where the story turns toward an alternate universe where Reece is back in Ethiopia, in the small town of Gwar, which is a mirror of Godo, but this time working with an Icelandic medical team. Their work takes place under the scornful eye of the town administrator known as the Snake and violence and discord erupt. The story begins to layer over the previous four novels, and it becomes evident that Reece is trying to create an alternate world where Emma is not harmed and where he and she can pursue their destiny. The mysterious finding of a little girl named Mia puzzles everyone and brings us to Book Six, in which we find Reece as a raving madman who has been incarcerated, after murdering his daughter Mia, in a secret mental facility for those like him who have the ability to transfer from one universe to another. In his delirium, he seeks a world where everyone wins, being taken to a futuristic version of Godo/Gwar where he searches for his lost daughter Mia and battles the evil force he knows only as Dahlia. In the end, Dahlia descends, trying to wrest the secrets of the universe from Reece as he escapes back to a sane reality. But the real work has only just begun, leading to Book Seven.

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