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Author of Heroes of Crux: Dragsor the Bounty Hunter


So who am I, you may ask?

Well, I suppose I could write you a whole ranting block of text depicting how I'm desperate for your money, and how I have no life, and how I want to live off of these insanity-induced, whack-job tales I've written up, straight from the bowels of my diseased mind, but, I won't do any that, I'll simply ask this-

-I'm a writer, could you tell?

My name is Don, my pen-name is Donrocs1, I'm a writer who has been, well, writing, for most of my life. Ever since I was small I was always making up scenarios and stories depicting the most unusual of characters against the most unusual of villains, in the most spectacular settings.

I write, weird stuff, and you know what? I love doing it.

So if you're looking for stories with talking dragons, sentient insects, intergalactic wars between tens of alien races with no humans in sight, monster underworld-wars, multiple planes of existence, I am, your man. 

Try looking me up on my social media and work-posting sites.

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Camera Angles- (Fnaf) OLDER- Phillip Linn's a young guy just looking for a part-time job, what he finds is a little... different, than what the job description said.

Camera Angles '2'- (Sequel- Fnaf)- Phillip Linn, Foxy and Mangle return to duel against a new evil, in a trip that takes them across the globe.

Worse Than '2' Pairs of Handcuffs- (Sequel- Fallout 3/4) - Sanford Tobs, Hancock and Nyx are back, and this time they're against the full might of the Enclave, slavers, post-apocalyptic Canadian warlords, and every hazard the East Coast can throw at them.

Worse Than a Pair of Handcuffs- (Fallout 3/4) OLDER- Sanford Tobs is a scavenger turned hero who's exploratory life is changed completely by a brand new suit of military grade armor, and a French speaking, biogenetically engineered killing machine.

Talk to Me(AliensVSPredator)- Glen Hannson's vigilante work started when his family was slaughtered by Xenomorphs, his war against the Company, Weyland Yutani, earns him an uneasy alliance with one of the very aliens he has striven to destroy.

Fall for Me- (Sequel- AliensVSPredator)- Glen and Mariah are destined for another great battle against the Company two years later, on a desert world far from civilized space, against the evil that is Weyland Yutani's most cruel scientific mind.

The Black Gate- An immortal warrior and the dragon he loves are forced to flee from extermination squads sent by the Catholic Church across a dark rendition of Late Medieval Europe, where monsters and sentient creatures are persecuted on sight, they make a final stand in the ruins of an abandoned Northern Italian castle.

Iron Void: Dreams of Metal- An Armagetroid paratrooper soldier and the battered remnants of his squad fight against impossible odds, holding back a swarm of the unending Eternal Enemy, the evil Centrilons, in hopes of relief from backup that might not be coming.


Heroes of Crux: Sunken Halls of a Dead Peoples- Published on Amazon, a mad swordsman and a deranged tracker trek into the dark ruins of a dead city, finding insanity and evil within.




Heroes of Crux: Dragsor the Bounty Hunter- Subscribe to Channillo to get access to this story. A bounty hunter races against the clock, his own contracts, and a band of shadowy assassins to cure a curse slowly killing him.


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