I am a wife, mother and full-time career woman with a passion for writing.  I first discovered that passion at just twelve years old, writing an essay for school.  The words flowed effortlessly, and I quickly realized how much they fed me, my soul.  As a young girl who always struggled to express herself, I had finally found my outlet.  I filled two binders with poetry and had many of them published in various anthologies and then began trying my hand at short stories, entering contests that I never won.

My first stab at a book was a fiction novel that I never published, but it opened me up to recording the stories in my head and, before I knew it, The Disappearance of Benny was born.  I found out, quickly, the differences between writing short stories and novels and learned a lot before my second fiction novel, Aiding Revenge, was published.  While writing novels, I dove into a second job as the primary writer for a local magazine and also contributed ehow articles online for Demand Studios.  My third fiction novel, Mother Condemned, was published as a revision of my first novel, and I followed it with Matriarca and Bleeding Panther, my latest fiction novel, which has received 5-star reviews.

My novels are available online through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes and other outlets, and I am very active on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Instagram and Linked In.

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