Kara Zajac is a freelance writer, chiropractor, mother of a daughter, wife, entrepreneur, musician, and die hard romantic. She keeps people laughing with her blog, The Significance of Having Curly Hair which has recently gone into Google syndication. Kara’s work has been published in Imperfect Life Magazine, Ripped Jeans and Bifocals, and Just BE Parenting. Recently an excerpt from The Significance of Curly Hair was published in Stigma Fighters, a magazine supporting people battling mental illness. Kara has also been interviewed as part of Christine Waltermyer’s Clean Living Series. She is a member of the Creative-Writing-Workshop as well as the National Writers Union and resides in the North Georgia Mountains with her wife, Kim, and daughter, Senia Mae. Kara can usually be found at home in the kitchen and enjoys sipping wine while hanging her feet off the dock.

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