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Before I say anything about myself, I'd like to thank YOU for your interest in little ol' me. I'm just a quirky small town Ohio girl who runs a robotic welder by day and writes by night...and at my lunch break....and any free minute I have. 

 I am a self-proclaimed television junkie and a lover of all things nerdy, fantastical or just plain weird, and am constantly inspired by my everyday life and the people that inhabit it. 

I welcome any and all critiques of my work, positive or negative, so message me as you will.

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Vampire Gideon Gower was a monster. Ruthless, bloodthirsty, and violent. A swift and brutal death awaiting anyone who happened to cross his path. He existed this way for centuries, until a shocking encounter in the 1930s left him reliving heartbreaking memories of loved ones long dead, touching on a pain that he hadn't allowed himself to feel for three hundred and seventy years.


Fast forward to modern day.


Eighty-five years have now passed and Gideon hasn't preyed on a single human since that night, instead choosing to feed off of animals in the Everglades and hiding away in a small house in Miami. But the quiet of his self-imposed isolation is shattered by the unexpected appearance of Meegan, a beautiful woman from his grisly past who's determined to return him to the fiend he once was. As Meegan attempts to drag him back down into bloody temptation, Gideon has to decide. With the man and the raging beast within pulling him in two different directions at once, does he continue to fight his instincts or allow the baser, darker part to take over once again, the latter tremendously more appealing.

Eventually Gideon finds purpose in newly forged friendship and rediscovered family, but when a gruesome murder committed by Meegan during Prohibition comes back to haunt her ninety years later, threatening not only exposure for Gideon and herself, but the safety of his family as well, Gideon must do everything he can to protect them. Even if it means unleashing the side that he's tried to keep caged for eight and a half decades.

The question is, can he close that door again once it's opened? Gideon is willing to take that chance. For them. But at what cost to himself?

Category/Genre(s): Adult Fiction, Horror, Fantasy, Paranormal
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