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Kaolin is the award winning author of Talking About Race: A Workbook About White People Fostering Racial Equality in Their Lives published by CDD Books, Inc. She is a member of the Combatting Racism Task Force (NOW) and was their Keynote Plenary Speaker at their 50th anniversary in New Mexico. Kaolin lectures on the "Unspoken Deep Pain of Racism" and "The Spirit of Change: Working the Racial Equality Muscle." Kaolin is presently working on completion of her 2nd book "The New Protocol: Welcome to Paradise, Watch Your Step" which includes interviews with African American men about how they navigate their way thru living in predominantly white towns. It is due out in the Fall. Kaolin has been on numerous TV programs, radio interviews and is availabe for readings, interviews and lectures.

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Tunnel Vision is a series of short stories & poetry designed to bring you into the life of a woman named Gloria, as she experiences motherhood. In the first story you are brought into a crisis Gloria is experiencing with her adolescent daughter, Mariel.

However, as the series moves on you will see her experience the birth of her daughter and the context within which she views herself in her own family as a crisis of awareness surfaces while she assists a gentleman who is having a heart attack in a subway in NYC  on Mother's Day.

Her child in crisis, reminds Gloria of her daughter's birth as both events serve to challenge and enhance Gloria's desire for continual psychic (of-the-mind) integration. Becoming conscious of the ways in which parenting remains a catalyst for her own devlopment Gloria challenges former assumptions of normalcy which in turn elevates a sense of social responsibility through an increasing sensitivity to those around her and herSelf in relation to them.

In the last segment, you will discover Gloria's appreciation of her own daughter's growth as the series ends with a poem she had written for Mariel on her nineteenth birthday. 

There are several themes throughout Tunnel Vision:

1. Exposure to integration may not ensure psychic-


2. A parents view of the world we inhabit is often  

     shaped by the ways in which soociety views our


3. Our styles of parenting may expand and con-

     tract according to trends which may or may

     not serve us or our children.

3. Parental love requires discernment.

4. Some abilities we are born with some must

     develop over time.

Food for Thought:

5.  What skills do you consider necessary as a


6. How has racism and parenting shaped you and

    your view of the world you inhabit?




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