Rashida is a fun, artistic girl that grew up in Jamaica. She was born there on a beautiful sunny afternoon. Her childhood was rather interesting; when all her friends and the neighborhood kids were playing, She always found herself with a pen and a piece of paper. Her creative mind was always going at warp speed. For most of her life, writing was a hobby, a joy; something she always took pride in.

In 2003, Rashida met and married the love of her life. Seven years later, here comes little Junior. Awesome; now she had a few ears to bend with her works of art. In 2012 Rashida decided to share her work with the world, so she wrote and published Tommy and The Bumper Boats, A project she had a lot of fun with.

Other publications include The A to Z Animals and The Mystery of The Missing Fish, and 365 Days Smarter.

Rashida have also written several published articles over the years.

 She will continue to write until she has nothing left to say.







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