I am married and a mother to two adult children. I'm an Author, an Inspirational Speaker, a Mentor, a Relationship Coach, an Independent Researcher and a firm advocate for women's rights.

My mission is to leverage most of my real-life experiences to help everyone navigate this life journey, to reach their full potential while working on self-improvement techniques I normally provide in all my talks and writings. 

I live by what I speak about - I am not special but I always provide a truthful account of life in general and even though I might, from time to time, provide some schorlarly account of my topics, they always hinge on practical narratives. 

I provide inspirational and motivational talks by highlighting tools that my audiences will utilise long after my talks are over or after reading my material. 

I provide tools that people might not even be aware that they have at their disposal. In other words, I show clients, resources that are already inside of them and/or around them.  

My desire is to aid others in finding their passion, purpose and gifts and exposing those to the world for good and not live life surviving or existing, but living life thriving and striving to leave a positive and lasting legacy. 

I would like people to remember that their lives affect others and the imprints they leave on others have to be good as they leave lasting effects, which may either be positive or negative, which in turn, will affect other people they come across. 

My delivery style is that of scenarios and parables and a number of personal stories. The idea is to make sure that my audiences can easily identify with the message and are able to understand it fully, thereby able to apply it into their lives.

I love writing mystical romance novels, which readers can draw a lot from. 

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