I tend to view everything in life as a potential object lesson or word picture. Perhaps that comes from my experience as a baseball coach, as a teacher, and as a pastor. I try my best to practice what I preach...and preach what I practice.

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Lines in the Gravel is an engaging, often humorous, series of snapshots about Al Ainsworth's experiences growing up in rural Star, Mississippi. It is one story—told by a collection of stories—of family and faith that transcends his own experience to connect with others who seek to perpetuate their own values through the stories they tell…and re-tell.

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Al Ainsworth graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi with a degree in Coaching and Sports Administration. His career plan was to coach baseball at one high school for 40 years, win multiple state championships, and impact generations of young men. His family plan was to marry at age 22, begin a family at age 25, and complete that family by age 30.

Over 25 years into his life plan, he can look back on a coaching career that lasted just 13 years at three different schools. A subsequent career in pastoral ministry lasted eight years before giving way to his current endeavors as a teacher of learning disabled students and as a writer, speaker, and legacy builder. In between he has done everything from lawn care and landscaping to paper routes, membership sales, tool sales (for a week), glass installation, and even a couple of years as actuarial analyst.

And that family plan? Age 22 came and went without so much as a date. In his own words, he was an "idiot" when it came to his courtship of his future wife. Three children later--with a couple of twists and turns--they continue a counter-intuitive faith ride in Hernando, Mississippi.

This is their story.

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