What to say, what to say....hmmmm.... Well, for starters and for the record, please note that I didn't start the fire in my profile picture. It was always burning since the world's been turning. 

Truthfully, the waitress started it. I was simply rescuing some poor piece of asparagus that had been caught in the blaze. Poor Frankie, he never saw it coming. Probably because asparagus don't have eyes and therefore no way to see anything coming, really. 

There I go, off and running on a tangent. It's an odd tick. I think I just occasionally forget how to use my inner monologue (think: Austin Powers - the first and best installment - the scene on the conveyer belt when he's unfrozen. Are you remembering it? OK, I'll wait. Got it? HAHAHA! You're welcome).

I am an odd one, I'll say that ten times fast. I do so like to surprise people. Well, people without pacemakers, of course. That could be more dangerous than the fire. We won't go there. 

Rambling is another odd tick in my arsenal of autonomy. I find that letting loose the right thread of my ridiculously large spool of thought threads can be both amusing and extremely telling. Wouldn't you like to know? 

Well, stick around, we'll see what fun we can get into together. Bwah hahahahaha (<-- that's the written impression of my diabolical laugh. I'd love to tell you that it's so much better when I do it in person, but,'s not. I'm working on it.) 

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