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Author of Lot 149 & Fractured Fairy Tales


Liz McAdams is a short, sharp, writer living in the Canadian wilderness in the company of her laptop and black cats. With a wicked sense of humour and work that pushes the boundaries of dark fantasy and horror, Liz adores themes of loss, love, and change – all with a twist of something else.

Liz's work appears in various venues including Spelk, Near to the Knuckle, Shotgun Honey, and Yellow Mama; and is scattered all over the newly established place for feminist dark fantasy and horror, Twisted Sister lit mag.

Location: The wilds of Canada
Twitter: @lizmcadam753
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“It’s just a light flickering, must be faulty wiring or something – isn’t it?”

Lot 149 is a paranormal story about Keira, a recently divorced woman who purchases a decaying old farmhouse with a truly spectacular history. Country living, a tidy divorce settlement and a job promotion that allowed telecommuting – this farmhouse would be a fresh start for both Keira and her son Tad, a break they so badly needed.

"Sure it needs work -- but don't we all?"

Leaving a big city job behind, Kiera embraces country living and is intent on raising pasture-fed pork and free-range chickens and the latest developments in organic farming; however, she soon realizes how much work is involved in restoring the farmhouse. To help with repairs, she calls in Frank, a local handyman and pest control guy.

“It’s a house with a history, that’s all. Plays tricks with your mind. Most old houses are like that.”

As Keira and Frank work on the house, several unnerving things begin to happen, and the secrets of the house begin to revel themselves. One of the locals, Joe Adams, fills Keira in on the previous owners:

They had two boys, long time ago, one of them had fits or somethin’.

Ain’t nobody seen that boy for decades. Most of us though they put him away –

He had a thing for cattle – bit of a freak, strange things always happened when he was around.

Ol’ Johnston down the way said he did in his whole herd, but nobody could prove nothing. And then there was the Smith child –

Now, decades later, Keira is the full owner in possession of the old farmhouse on Lot 149.

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Fairy tales, that staple of childhood imagination, have always been filled with excess – fairy godmothers, magical pumpkins, talking mirrors, and the usual assortment of woodland creatures that tend to follow princesses about.

In Fractured Fairy Tales magical excess is pushed right over the edge – with often darkly humorous results.

In Cinderella and the Probate Will, plain and simple Cinderella earns the equivalent of a law degree, reclaims her family estate, and then deals with her ‘Sweet Prince’ in a truly twisted manner.

And Snow White and the Miner’s Union end up restructuring the entire economy of ‘a land far away’ while finally resolving unhealthy stepmother-stepdaughter relationships – all with a bang.

And in Little Red Riding Hood, well, you don’t want to know what happened to that wolf.

Enjoy these, and other short stories, in the series Fractured Fairy Tales.


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