Olin Wish
Author of The Last Minuters & Sad Taxidermy


Olin Wish is a student of psychology and full time bread winner.  He holds a day job that puts him in close proximity to the criminally insane.  His favorite hobbies include, comic books, haunting used book stores, and trying to avoid a violent stabbing death.  Olin currently resides in Colorado with his wife and three children.  

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When recent divorcee Margaret Ayinger decides to end her life, she wants to go out in style.  For those who have done their homework and for whom money is no object there is only one place for that: The Precipice Hotel.  Like a hospice for the terminally eccentric, it has stood for over a hundred years in a region plagued by yearly forest fires.  Upon arrival, Margaret finds the old place nothing like what was advertised. 

Oh sure, the staff are friendly.  And the food?  Positively four star!  Something about it though just doesn't sit well with her.  For instance, the people who randomly swan dive from their balconies late at night, the impossible thing living in her bedroom, and the automatons in black body stockings roaming the halls.  Oh, and the purple monster named Fred who lives in the gorge.  

Category/Genre(s): Adult Fiction, Horror, Fantasy, Paranormal
Updated: Weekly

When relatives of recently departed Elizabeth Cartwright set foot into her plantation estate with ideas of making a quick buck, what they find instead may just be their undoing.  Hobbies of the infirm abound, alongside evidence of the cruel sport that obsessed Ms. Cartwright in her twilight years.  Hideous secrets are buried under inches of dust and neglect.  Their echoes through the cavernous space hint at deviance, senility, and even a little magic.  Then, of course, there are the trophies to consider.  Plenty of wall space still remains...

Category/Genre(s): Horror, Paranormal, Mystery/Thriller
Updated: Weekly