I'm a professional author based in Glasgow, Scotland. I write mainly short stories for adults and full-length work for young adults, but I'm close to finishing my first adult novel (as in grown up, not the other meaning!).

I'm a graduate of the University of St Andrews in Ancient History, and I also have a diploma in Theology. In fact, I'm usually studying something because I love learning.

I also love reading, of course. Some of my favourite authors are Neil Gaiman, Stephen King, John Wyndam, Saki and Charles Dickens, but I read all kinds of things, from Roman historians to graphic novels. My own short stories are probably closest in style to Roald Dahl's. If you've never read his short stories for adults - do!

I've been fortunate enough to have a fair few pieces of work published, for adults and young people. You can find one of my short stories, The Painted Castle, in the Channillo "2016 Short Story Finalists" series, or look up ' K C Murdarasi' on Amazon to see what else is available.

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