After living in such varied places as Indiana, England, Southwest Florida, and Southern California, Allison currently wakes up each day in the Seattle area. A mom of three, she also somehow finds time to be an avid reader, dwarf shrimp breeder, resin artist, and general science and pop-culture geek. An INFP, she has a wide-range of eclectic interests and, once she gets to know you, will talk your ear off about the MCU, why she can't sleep, and random tidbits of TV shows she last watched over a decade ago (which is probably part of why she can't sleep). 

Her favorite writing genres include historical fiction, horror, and suspense/thriller. She is currently at work on two novels, historical fiction and contemporary romance. Her short stories and flash fiction have been published in a variety of publications and contests. 

You can find links to her works at She is also a frequent retweeter at @AllisonLuther.

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