After living in such varied places as Southern Indiana, England, Southwest Florida, and Southern California, Allison currently wakes up each day in the Seattle area. With three children ages six and under, she spends her days doing laundry, pretending not to see the crackers all over the floor, and writing stories in her head.*


When she’s not busy rescuing the children from whatever mess they’ve gotten themselves into, Allison is an avid reader, NSFW cross-stitch enthusiast, and general science and pop-culture geek. With two children on the autism spectrum, she is passionate about autism advocacy, and, if given the chance, will also talk your ear off about women’s rights and English and Scottish history. 


Her favorite writing genres include historical fiction, horror, and suspense/thriller. She recently finished the first draft of her first novel, Bad River, set in 1860s Dakota Territory, and is looking forward to querying agents in 2017. Her published credits include WOW! Women On Writing’s Flash Fiction Contest (Summer 2015 and Spring 2016), Speculative 66’s debut issue, Fourth Place in Short Fiction Break’s 2016 Short Story Contest, and a Top 12 Finalist in Channillo’s 2016 Short Story Contest. 


You can read about her family’s journey with autism on her blog She is also a frequent retweeter at @AllisonLuther.


Her husband would like it to be known that he folds laundry better than Allison does.

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