I'm a piano teacher and accompanist, who also happens to love the written word. I've been writing for pleasure from a young age. My parents recently mailed me some stories I wrote when I was at primary school. I think I was a genius back then, the plot holes and hideous lack of continuity are so obvious that they're brilliant.

Recent successes include winning and being runner up at, during some of their weekly short fiction competitions. You can find my work here: I was also thrilled to be one of the twelve finalists for the 2016 short story competition at a site called, which you may well have heard of ;).

I'm currently working on a novel (moving from second draft to third draft), and I'm using November to write something new, during NaNoWriMo. If I think it's any good, I hope to pitch it to run as a series on this very site. Fingers crossed, and hopefully watch this space!

If you're desperate to judge my life choices, you can find out more about me at the website and twitter names discovered below.

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