Kimbally is a natural born writer. She has been writing for over 25 years, both professionally and personally, to invigorate and motivate creativity within herself as well as others. The spirit of her writing vacillates between sometimes forlorn, sometimes jovial inspiration and contexts. She is motivated by her inner and outer worlds, with a keen eye to her surroundings and her overwhelming sense of self. Her observations are poetically unique, where she sees the complexities of life and offers a deeper, sounder understanding to her readers and listeners of both her own life experiences as well as others. Her poetry book, Slow Dance a Whirling Chair, has been accepted in poetry circles throughout the Miami area as a testament to her life struggles and triumphs. When reading her own words filled with enlightening imagery, she speaks with a rhythm of the mood of the poem—animated or melancholic, vivacious or soulful.

Name: Kimbally Medeiros
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