My wife and I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, along with our small army of pets, and our books. I'm an avid reader, and have been ever since I fell into it by an oddity of fate in the sixth grade. My best friend wouldn't quit talking to me about a fantasy series that he was reading. I borrowed the first book from him to guard myself from any further ranting (he couldn't very well talk about parts of the series I hadn't read yet, could he?). I ended up reading the book almost by accident. I couldn't stop reading, and I still can't. 

   Writing speculative fiction is my passion. I've been reading fiction at a voracious rate since my childhood, and have played with world-building for as long as I can remember. A friend recently showed me a story that I'd written in elementary school for some end of year student collection--maybe I'll even share it, someday. I didn't enter into the realm of authorship until my late twenties. Learning to transition from pure world-building to story telling was quite the adventure, and it still is.

   I spend my days writing. That's the idea, at least. Besides my family, it's what I love most, and I take just about every opportunity to pursue this love. Why else try to build a career out of writing, other than to maximize the amount of time you can spend writing? Every new story is another step forward in an endless exploration of the fantastic, as well as being a challenging new experiment within the craft of writing. I write speculative fiction, but within this rather nebulous field I like to play around with different styles and ideas--always looking to try out a new technique, design a different culture, etc. I'm a meddler, and it shows. The people close to me seem pleased that I've shifted much of this meddling into fictional worlds that they don't have to participate in. And that's fine.


Published works: The Inn of Adventurers, The Inn of Adventurers: Teatime for the Dead, Agent Hilch: Troll Trouble, Welcome to Tulsa, The Adventures of Manny Lark, Spell Wars, Partners, The Fortune of Goblins, Just a Little Graveyard Fun, Life Within the Valley, A Change of Pace, and 'The Early Works, an Anthology'.

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