Hello. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me. Here is my professional writing overview:

I have a long history of writing for government, corporate, academia, news media companies, and magazines. 

I am a novelist, specializing in young adult and adult fantasy fiction. I am rewriting portions of book II in The Nameless Series, to follow the series debut from 2013. I expect a release by the end of 2018.

I offer ghostwriting services for personal memoirs and business writing, with an NDA, binding contract, and an "as told to" byline for memoirs. I am currently completing a gw project, and plan a spring 2018 release.

On the side, I am working on a serial-release digital short story series (a link will be provided here when it goes live in January 2018), as well as a personal memoir. I have at least ten additional books in the outline stage, including a short story collection of my time working with the United States Marine Corps.

I accept consulting projects from government, corporate, NGOs/IGOs, and academic institutions; each project is tailored to subject and end-objective, culminating in a finished product that includes an executive summary, a professional PowerPoint slidedeck (if requested), and an in-depth publishable product that includes citations and footnotes/endnotes.

I offer editorial services. I will accept student projects as an editor, with collegiate writing tips for improvement. 

I am working on a book-to-screen adaptation for the film industry.

I work for a fee. I only provide free work to family, closest friends, and former students. My students will always have a special place in my heart, as I believe they taught me more than I could have ever taught them. I am blessed to have grown with them.

Contact: for more information.

Happy writing!



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Angelia Schultz is the published author of book series, theNameless, as well as an online digital series, and numerous other works. She is currently completing a ghostwriting project, a memoir as a collection of shortstories, "Behind Closed Doors: a collection of shortstories," with a planned release date in spring 2018.

A small, privately-held literary production company, theNameless, LLC is dedicated to promoting the creative and written works of its primary author, Angelia Schultz. In 2017, joining theNameless ranks is writer and digital artist, Ambrielle Schultz.

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