Edward Lockwood is a Bachelor’s of Arts in English from the University of Washington in Seattle. He loves reading and writing. Traveling for Edward is also important, considering he wants to know four languages (English, Spanish, Japanese, and a programming language) sometime in the near future. He feels language is one of the primary foundations to every culture so it should be celebrated and investigated with fervor–an endeavor which he is proud to say is fundamental to his lifestyle. Edward loves culture since it’s how he has come to know himself as a person and fit in with others. It wasn’t until going to college and starting to post on literary sites and blogs that Edward found a crowd with similar interests to himself, which made him feel welcome to express his thoughts. This fortunate series of events has thus instilled a strong advocacy in Edward for his social groups (namely writers, poets, and students) and a feeling of connection with anyone else who shares similar interests. 


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