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Adventurer, Dreamer, Outcast, Rebel, Hero of my own crappy town… call me what you will. In the untempered universe of my own imagination I am all of this, and more. In real life, I’m a eccentric Midwestern high school teacher with an over-active imagination, clinging to the pipe dream of having my own fandom someday, complete with rabid fangirls and a booth at Comic Con. Just your average uncalled chosen one, who is to old for Hogwarts, and not math inclined enough for Starfleet, so I just keep waiting for a black Impala to roll up or a blue box to materialize or word from my Watcher.

Influences and/or obsessions: Doctor Who, Shades of Magic, Supernatural, the Whedonverse, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Christopher Moore.

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Max Lucas only ever worried about one thing- how she was going to score her next bottle. She’s not proud, but it’s the only thing that ever gets the voices to shut up.

When a horrific murder lifts the veil on her mysterious ancestry, she finally learns the reason why she can hear the thoughts of an entire city and why she can move objects with her mind. She’s a Preternatural.

Now, the ancient Preternaturals who once ruled the world as gods need her help to keep safe the most precious of human resources: the human soul. The entirety of human history has been written on the back of a conflict between the Preternaturals and the Vapids, an enemy that could upset the natural balance by profiting from the removal of human souls. Max will learn that hard way that the version of history you read about in textbooks is always written by the winners, and until now, that has been the side she’s chosen.

To protect the human soul, Max agrees to become the only weapon that can fight against the Vapids. But, right now...she just needs a goddamn drink.

--- Reviews ---

"These characters are real! They're rounded, they talk like human beings and not TV drama characters, and they've got issues. Bigger issues than I can imagine, sounds like. I'm looking forward to reading the full book."

Zack Jordan, author of The Life Interstellar.


"Just when you think a female protagonist can't possibly be more badass or have more attitude than Jessica Jones, author Rebekka Leber rolls out Max Lucas to prove you wrong. The first three excerpts take you on a ride you can't possibly see coming, and leave you hanging with questions you're dying to have answered. All of Shiva's thumbs way up!"

Elayna Mae Darcy, author of They Are the Last.


"It’s tricky to juxtapose different tones in any type of writing.  And Rebekka is doin’ it WELL.  This is a skillful blend of mythological dark fantasy with razor sharp contemporary wit.  The protagonist is realistically flawed, charming, and intriguing.  Rebekka crafts visceral and cinematic imagery in both modern and ancient settings.  She has a mastery of authentic, organic dialogue in both the present and the past.  You’ll be on the floor laughing at the effortless humor one minute, and in awe at the power of the gods in the next.  I’m going to enjoy watching it progress, and can’t wait until it’s finished.  Reading this is definitely worth your time.  Read it, recommend it, and show it some Inkshares love.  This one’s going to be a great ride. "

P.H. James, author of The Seventh Aspect


"This book has me giddy in all the right ways. It blends the real with the fantastical, while serving up a hefty dose of attitude. Delving into the territories of religion, mythology, alcoholism, and conspiracy is no easy task, but Leber handles them with ease. I've immensely enjoyed what I've read so far. The lead is especially a great joy to read, with her complexity and rawness, but also because of her humor! If you like strong women, complex characters, sarcasm, and grit, you're going to want this book."

C. Brennecke, author of Seven Shards: The Colors of Wine



Category/Genre(s): Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Science Fiction, Paranormal
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In the early days, four of the Paragons, the beings of the Infinite, created a race from each of the elements in the physical realm- Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. These races became the ancestors of the Pyran, Deryn, Jordan, and Soren lands. A few within the Paragons were angered that they were not chosen to create their own beings that would honor and worship them, so a Paragon named Valen Ral, the essence of Order, attempted to create beings from those already in existence. Their essences were torn in the process, creating the Banished Races- Basts, Abyssals, Nyx, and Vega- monstrous cousins to the creations of the Elemental Paragons who stalked the outer reaches of the realms.

Over thousands of years, each race developed from hunters and gatherers into a complex, industrial society. Once they began to introduce technology their dependence on the Paragons waned, and eventually they only continued to worship those Paragons whose secrets they could not unravel yet, like the Paragon of Magic.

Angered over mortal’s impudence towards the Paragons, Valen Ral leads a revolt against the mortals to punish them for forsaking their gods and instead depending on machines. But, much to his suprise, not all the Paragons support him. Many Paragons still support man, and believe that technology will never be the answer to all the mortal’s needs The Paragons that follow Valen Ral abandon the mortals, reaching out to their monstrous creations. Those who do not support Valen Ral by turning away from the mortals are cast out of the Infinite Realm in a fiery expulsion.

The story that follows is the struggle of several characters who now live in the fallout, including a capricious Imperatrix who is the progeny of the realm's most famous fairytale romance, a cursed mermaid forced to live on land for treachery against her kind, a desert born pirate who escaped to the high seas with his bound genie companion, and a street urchin con artist pulled out of prison to serve as the sentinel to the new Paragon of Magic.

Category/Genre(s): Fantasy, Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, Paranormal
Updated: Undecided