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Travis J. Croken works out of his home office in Ottawa, Canada with two dogs by his side. He is the author of the young adult book The Big Deep and the children's book The Great Outdoor Adventure of Tiny Teddy. He is a Goodreads listed author.

Location: Ottawa, Canada
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I would like to thank everyone who has been a faithful reader of Project Persyphious on Channillo, unfortunately I have to inform you that this story will no longer be available on this platform. I would first like to state that you have not been forgotten. If you apply to be a test reader and show that you were a subscriber, you are automatically accepted and will get to read the whole story! Go to my website for more information on how to apply.

I would also like to state that this decision has nothing to do with the hosting platform of Channillo, who have been nothing but amazing. In fact, the Channillo channel will still be open, just with other stories. This decision is solely based on the fact that the story has come together quiet well and is entering into final editing stages, so that it be presented as a whole novel!

​Stay subscribed to my channel on Channillo for subscriber only stories, not found on any other platform.

Preston's carefree, easy going, life and nature were shattered long years ago, in a dark memory that still haunts him to this day. Like most people he had never really paid attention to time; until time was all he had, all he could hope for. In the end no matter how much he screamed, pleaded, and demanded, the time had run out.

That would not happen again. Since that day Preston had been on time and acutely aware of everything going on around him. Everything in his life had become measured and exact, with any deviation causing great emotional upset. He had even started a new career which suited him perfectly, as an actuary. Precision was a key part of the role and there was very little excitement. He neither did great nor poorly at his job, he was merely quiet and efficient.

This level of predictability may be boring to some, but to Preston it was a life vest in the chaotic sea of life. If you stayed on time, nothing bad would happen. This theory had worked so far for him and would continue to do so, there was no reason why it would not.

Until the day of the strange encounter in the coffee shop, with the beautiful young woman who was rambling about something called Project Persyphious. It was all very un-nerving and he had pushed it out of his mind, until his life suddenly started spiralling out of control, leaving him with a devastating choice.

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