Rodopi Sisamis was born in New York City, and has been writing stories since she learned how to hold a pencil. In her teen years, she lived in Long Island and roamed the backwoods, and stared at the stars as often as her courage allowed her to.  She went on to receive a Bachelors in psychology, and creative writing from Southern New Hampshire University, although it was her time as a student in Brooklyn College that shaped her most as a writer.

Rodopi lives in Brooklyn with her husband, hellion triplets, a shadow dog, a reincarnated cat, and a cat gargoyle. Her stories and poetry have appeared in several anthologies including She Walks in Shadows, The Queen of the Sky Who Rules Over All the Gods, The Daughter of the Sun, and Blood and Roses. Her first book is a collection of short stories titled Elysium: Modern Myths of Immortality, her second book Azure Letters is currently being serialized on Chanillo, as well as Alchemy; a collection of short stories about a paranormal town in Long Island. 

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