I am a retired military veteran and government civil service worker.  Writing is my brain's attempt at transcribing the spiritual world as it is revealed to me because saying it would not be enough.  So I shout it from the roof tops on the following platforms:

After fulfilling my life long dream of visiting the continent of Africa in the summer of 2017, I realized my 'spiritual' gifts are ancestral.  

Upon returning to America I realized Africa was in me and always had been.  Khamit and AhMr are sisters akin to one land mass (MA'UuuL) during humanity's mysterious and perhaps not so distant past.

One thing for sure the west coast of Africa specifically taught me.......

Ancestors are also in me ... and always has been. 

Updates of (Discernment):  Can come by (prayer), (meditation), (dreams), (visions), (observation), (critical-thinking), (common-sense).                                        NOTE:  Dates of discernment can also indicate social occurrence that vibe the 'meta-prophetic' revelation.         

Welcome to my 'metaphysical' view.




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'Chronicles of The Fallen 1s' is the eternal story of the fallen angel who rebelled against The Most High.  As a child my gift of prophecy and discernment was just developing.  One day while playing by myself I heard, "The world is a joke, the devil its court jester, GOD was laughing when HE made it”.  Over the last ten years I realized what that meant.  A human would have destroyed this creature realizing it would rebel and take a third of heaven with it but GOD, whose thoughts are higher than our thoughts, continued with the task.  The journey of this angel and its followers is played out in the myths and religions of man.  Those of us who believe in the Messiah knows how the story ends. 

These chronicles will depict the last days of this angel's freedom to roam the universe.  Its tampering with man's genetics in the garden was meant to ruin GOD’s earthly creation.  The fallen 1 who knew of the Messiah coming miscalculated the younger angel's strength in human flesh who eventually took power back from the fallen 1 while restoring humanity’s chances back to a state of grace. 

Read as Gabriel the Arch Angel recounts the misdeeds of the fallen 1 against The Most High.  Travel with Gabriel as he traverse the universe watching the fallen 1 and his followers go to and frow in the earth’s atmosphere wreaking havoc on humanity through the select few human minions it helped gain control of the planet.  Lured by unlimited wealth and power these bloodlines constructed over twenty six thousand years of lies and deceit to control destiny.  Little do they know that the fallen 1, chief deceiver, Lucifer, is playing them toward the final end.  They do not know it is humanity this angel hates.  It was the creation of humanity and GOD’s choice to put them over the angels that Lucifer rebelled, thus refusing to bow to a creature of dust.  “Let us make man in our image, Lucifer asked, our image meaning itself.  GOD refused that request, knowing that the angel meant its image.  The Most High continued with the task of bestowing HIS divine essence on the creature.  That’s when, Lucifer, the most beautiful angel of heaven rebelled.  So blinded by its vanity the fallen 1 dared do the impossible and suffered the result.  Now, the fallen 1 renamed Satan and totally separated from the Shekinah glory of GOD was covered with the very dust of the planet that is to be inhabited by humanity.  That very dust plus angelic abilities allowed Satan human form and encroachment on his despised enemy thus injecting himself into the creatures matter.

As it is, the plan failed because of the second one, the meek one.  But alas, Satan has but a little time to enjoy the anguish of humanity with the help of a foolish few who has proven to embrace his vile.  “Just as in heaven a third of the angels followed the beauty of Lucifer, a third of these wretched creatures will follow Satan to his final resting place called Hell.  So as above, so below, is the mockery he taught them, Gabriel thinks to himself.  A place they were not made for. 

Gabriel watched as the interdimensional craft carried the malevolent crew.  Their freedom will soon be cut short.  Gabriel grinned at that thought.  Eons has passed in seconds of earth time.  At any moment The Most High will activate the Messiah who is already within dimensions on earth at which time Gabriel will sound the trumpet and legions of the fallen will commence to devour wicked men.  But the bloodline who the fallen 1 recruited, belongs to him.  Gabriel was amused as their pitiful figures approach the throne of vile adorned with ancient metals that were only good to power the vessels of angels.  Their arrogant petulance over the masses of humanity sickened him. 

The fallen 1s gobble up their blood sacrifices and spit it back in their faces as they lay dying miserably on their bedsides.  The horrid shriels and thrills of these demented beings could be heard throughout the dimensions of earth.  Gabriel watched as the demons engage in orgies of horror inflicted upon the wicked, blind, and the lost.  Yet Gabiel smiles as he marvel at the awakening and recommittment of the Sons of The Most High to HIS commandments.  Gabriel whispers aloud, "Rest and be assured you who are the true elite of The Most High, that WE ARE HERE." 


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DISCLAIMERASH/Anthropic Apocalyptic-Spiritual Horror I created to convey my dreams and visions.  Validity of the paranormal cannot be claimed via  'reason' alone therefore it is your decision to percieve the discernment of my dreams by me or others as either fiction or prophesy. 



Anthropic-apocalyptic Spiritual Fiction is my name for a genre which describes my dreams and visions.  My self published fiction novel 'Fight For The American Soul' now listed on was inspired by the dream that changed my life and came to pass on a horrible day in our contry's recent past.  I had the dream in 1991 and it happened ten years later.  Though it was symbolic and allegorical I had a feeling of doom but no way of knowing what it meant until that horrible day.  Since that day I've commited to writing down every single dream and vision for the rest of my life and vowed to share them with the world.  Though I will continue to produce novels of fiction using my spiritual gift of 'discernment', this series allow me the opportunity to share my prophetic view into the spiritual world.  I do this in the form of dreams, short stories, journals, articles and any other means this wonderful platform allow.  Many of the dreams I share has not yet been revealed to me, many have, therefore I encourage those of you with similiar gifts as mine to indulge your spiritual connectivity and gifts and dare to discern the message therein; If you dare~`




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