I read the eighteen years of journal that I kept the year I turned fifty. With that I wrote a book to tell what I had learned thus far. I named it Portrait of a Harlot/Saint and then changed it to Reflections at Fifty. That began my writing career.

No longer was I mom or wife. Not able to speak to my grandchildren for fear their parents would disagree, I took bearing my testimony on as a way of having purpose in life.

Turns out, after a lifetime as a Christian and thirty years as a "Mormon" (which I do not consider myself to be for about six years now), I found ACIM. Specifically, the Urtext of A Course In Miracles and I found the answers to all the confusion and chaos I could no longer excuse or ignore. 

I live in a place of peace now, knowing that I understand what is going on. I have fears like anyone and know that death will be mine one day. In the meantime, I have one goal. 

That is to bear witness of the Christ that I see in all the world around me. And to testify of the entity that I know as Jesus. Turns out he is really a lot different from who others claim him to be. 

That is okay. That is their witness. This is mine. The Urtext and ACIM, as well, I see very different than others. Does that make them wrong and me right? Makes no difference to me. I will witness of what I understand and give thanks for the moments of kindness that I am allowed to experience at the hands of others.

I wish to bear witness of the innocence and confusion of the Son of God and will live in a state of forgiveness of the original error, which is the belief in the Separation from God that occurred at the start of creation. 

As a mother I know that, as Jesus says in the Urtext, the Father needs the Son as much as the Son, needs the Father. 

To their reunion! May it begin with me!

Author of Mama's Christmas Carol, You Got the Power, Mom!

And The At-One-Meant Is In Place, The Only Question IS: When Will We Receive It?

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