Daniel G Dreamer

is the pseudonym of Daniel G Powell. 

A vibrantly imaginative poet and independent bestselling author.

~ A avant Garde fiction novelist and modern Poet exploring the interconnections between the mind, body, and spirit. Concerned with starting literary movements and approaching life through literature from new artistic outlooks and perspectives. Daniels father (Glen Powell) works as a full time artist stationed out of Mexico. His pencil drawn work has been hailed by many as astonishing in every aspect of the artistic landscape. Dreamer is a name that was awarded deservingly after Daniel began adapting his own forms of innovative and artistic expression at early ages. Both father and mother not only indulged, but encouraged these fulfilling behaviors. Daniel's mother works in the sky's as a flight attendant. He couldn't be more proud of her and his father for Creating their dreams and living them out beautifully. 

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