Valerie Brown specializes in micro and flash fiction stories, with a couple of novels on the hard-drive somewhere, but she's recently branching out to the realm of novellas.

As a lifelong introvert, Valerie has spent her life watching and learning, and now applies her knowledge of human behavior to her paranormal characters.

When she's not drinking coffee, you can find Valerie scooping peanut butter out the jar or running her kids all over town, manipulating them through exercise into falling asleep on time at night. 

She lives in Virginia with her husband, two kids, a golden couch potato/dog, and two wired tabbies.

Her work has been featured on 101 Words, Paragraph Planet, Online Literary 'Zine, Reader's Carnival and A Long Story Short.

Her micro fiction #Werewolf--and inspiration for Refining Sylver--was recently included in 101 Words' first anothology release.

Check her out on for updates on her writing and her attempts at mothering.

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