Sandra Robinson, born & raised in PA, was very ambitious growing up pursuing her love of writing and everything musical. As a young adult, Sandra's ambitions were to become a mega-superwoman in business. But Sandra found out no matter how ambitious one may be, there are things much stronger than her ambitions.

"Chronic Lyme - Misdiagnosed & Misunderstood" will take readers on a 26 year rollercoaster journey of chronic illness and pain. When Sandra's life should have been taking off, her body started shutting down. 

Follow my story and you will be amazed, stunned and educated at the discriminations, lack of knowledge by the medical community; and loneliness from lack of support.

Subscribe & share my series to other chronic illness survivors and their families.  Knowing we are not alone in our daily struggles is healing for the ill and their caregivers. 

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