I am a professor, a creative writing instructor, a published poet, writer, healer and former columnist for an Indigenous newspaper. I am Afro-American and Native American and bend toward this point of view when writing. While I have visited many alluring places around the world, I find the county I call home is always an enticing sight. It’s here I evoke walks through the woods with my grandmother to pick herbs and to make teas, as well as summon up oral stories I learned from my elders.

I am an abuse survivor with chronic illnesses. As a very young child, I escaped by writing and reading mythology, Tolkien, and Shakespeare. After three decades of therapy, beginning as an adolescent, I find my greatest aids are my writing and my spirituality. They keep me grounded, inspired, and evolving.

Questions or comments? Feel free to email me or message me on twitter. I am delighted to answer your inquiries.





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