Holly Tellander is a force for good. She thinks she may have started writing in the womb, but if not, she was planning adventures and collecting stories at any rate. And though she is juggling a fair amount of balls at any given time - she hasn't found herself ball-less yet.

With an M.A. in Multicultural Education, two inquisitive unschooling kids, a fledgling blog, her fast growing freelance writing business and her early morning job Skype tutoring students in English around the world (for which her commute is less than 40 feet and she doesn't even have to wear pants) - there is always something going on.

She fancies herself endearingly awkward, eternally optimistic, cosmically inspired... and for some reason perpetually hungry. She is happiest when her fingers are flying over the keyboard, or when she hears how much people love her stories.

You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram or read all of her compelling thoughts over on her blog.

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"A ship in harbor is safe.... but that's not what ships are built for..." ~ John A. Shedd

Lucy Foxe’s mother has been missing for six months when her dad packs her off to grief camp in the middle of senior summer. Unable to bear another minute of the place, and unwilling to accept that her mother is actually dead, Lucy breaks out and heads for home the first chance she gets. Unfortunately, a broken curfew is not the only problem she’ll face upon arriving there.  Her dad has now gone missing as well, leaving an inadequate note in the freezer and two threatening thugs in the hallway.

Lucy follows a trail of family lies back to Mackinac Island, Michigan, a home her parents left behind without explanation years ago. The island has long harbored an affinity for the supernatural and it is here that she reunites with her grandparents and eventually uncovers a mind-bending truth that her family has been hiding for centuries.

Lucy will struggle to maintain her moral compass in a world gone crazy, losing her heavy heart along the way. Eli will anchor her to the past and a life free from the madness, but can she forgive herself if she abandons her parents for his promises of safe harbor? Luke is a beacon towards a dangerous and unknown future, full of thrilling possibilities, but is she brave enough to jump into uncharted waters?

In the end she will be dragged back in time against her will to settle an old vendetta, and it will be in the past that she will finally see the future clearly and ultimately face the question of whether she is living a life or creating a destiny.

Category/Genre(s): Young Adult, Mystery/Thriller
Updated: A Few Times A Week

The first time Bennett Dixon finds a letter offering unsolicited advice from her dead grandmother, she chalks it up to hormones.

The second time she vows to stop sleeping with people who aren’t her husband.

The third time Bennett begins to listen.

P.S. Don’t Be Stupid is a laugh out loud look at the ways we hide our imperfections from the world around us and how when we finally embrace ourselves, stupid choices and all,  we are capable of big, big magic.

Category/Genre(s): Adult Fiction, Humor
Updated: Weekly

Mackinac Island - 1813.

Lucy Foxe is at the mercy of an Ojibwe tribe and her brother, Levi, as she begins to navigate the new world in which she finds herself. Though much has changed, the drive to find her mother is still strong, and Lucy will set out on a journey that will not only change her life, but the course of history as well.

Category/Genre(s): Young Adult, Mystery/Thriller
Updated: Weekly