Tucker French currently resides in the great state of Maryland where he spends his time enjoying time with his cat and dog, hiking, teaching, and living a healthy lifestyle.

In 2014, he released his first novel, "Haven," in the Origo series. A dying Earth, a future in peril, love and danger, all come together in this science fiction saga.

A year later, Tucker released the second book in the Origo series, "Ghost," along with two anthology stories that supplement the growing Origo universe. The third book in the Origo series is currently in the works.

In March of 2016, a "found journal" style novella, "All Bulbs Are Not The Same," was released by Tucker French. It bends genres and styles following a non-traditional narrative to tie emotion and feeling with the audience.

Follow him on twitter (@TheTuckerFrench) for updates and a look into his writing process or on his blog:

Tucker is always open to input and suggestions that have to deal with his writing. For those who wish to contact Tucker, they can reach him by email at

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