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Washed with incessant rain and riven by crime, Jellepo sprawls across the southern coast of Kroniff in Aerekam. It’s home to 40 million inhabitants. It’s home to Orlova.

Orlova plies her trade on the Jellepo’s brutal streets. She hunts and kills for cash to feed her obsession: to find the daughter snatched from her and the killers of her beloved father. But it seems the rainwaters have carried away all traces of them.

When the mysterious Schefsson, co-founder of The Book, offers her a 20-million-kros commission for a Hit, Orlova cannot refuse it.  How could she with so much at stake? It would help her, and her mother, get away from that cursed city. And it may help her get the answers she craves.

As she looks into the Hit, it begins to unravel. The target, Richamonde Benedictine, is just a small-time businessman struggling to keep his bio-tunnel enterprise afloat. Why would anyone want this man assassinated? 

That shouldn’t concern Orlova. But some individuals are very concerned. Orlova encounters a jungle of opposition, particularly with the arrival of the mysterious Matt Black and the persistent harassment of District Judge Stark. With a plethora of conflicting information her research unearths, concerns in her mind begin to develop.

Orlova views Schlefsson’s two-week deadline as short indeed. While Benedictine’s identity comes to light, each day takes her closer to the truth behind the Hit and the clients who want to make it happen.

As Orlova descends into the depths of this commission, she draws closer to her kidnapped daughter. Personal and professional lives pull Orlova on opposing paths. Was accepting such a rich commission the right thing for her to do?

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