For the the pass forty years I've cherished working with the less fortunate who are intellectually disabled. I've got two wonderful daughters who keep me on my toes and a mate who has helped me to see sides of friendship and love that I did not know existed. 

All this and a bit more brought me to write my  books and various short stories. My work has been published in Sanitarium Magazine and my latest book will soon be published in Vagabondage Press. My stories explore the poignant memories of my early years and the  familiar hauntings of the dark side of fiction.

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As the good natured Dyllon grows towards adolescence, he is drawn to an aged clothing trunk and otherworldly forces are released that forever change his quiet existence. Learning to cope with these disturbing emotions is in conflict with his yearning to find a stable relationship and when Dyllon meets an assertive girl named Regan and then the friendly and carefree Kelly, the haunting forces put him to the test. He soon learns that even nice people have a dark side.

Join Dyllon in his quest to understand life, love and the demons that persistently haunt him in this not-so-fictionalized autobiography of the first twenty-three years of the author’s life.

(The Dream Dilemma - Reflections of EL - Book 2 is available in the Paranormal section). 

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Deidre wishes nothing but the best for her sister Kelly and her new husband Dyllon but nightly, Deidre has disturbing dreams that the couple are having problems. At times, her dreams appear to be visions of the future and her nighttime excursions always revolve around the new groom. Is there a dark force directing Deidre's dreams for its own agenda? Are Deidre's efforts to help Kelly and Dyllon, motivated by an insidious evil or perhaps by Deidre's own selfish needs?

Things are not always what they seem in this story of love and hope, which picks up where book one left off.

(Reflections of EL: In Search of Self is book one in the Reflections of EL series, which is also available on Channillo).

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