Dairenna is a writer from the Great White North (Canada) who has been reading and writing voraciously for almost two decades. She reads and writes fantasy, sci-fi, horror, mystery, and general fiction with comedic elements thrown in. Her guilty reading pleasure are romance novels. She dislikes historical fiction and erotic novels that exist for the sake of being purely erotic with no plot.

Dairenna has written many novels and short stories, some of which are available on but most of which are described on her website: Her website also includes book reviews, writing tips, and information about National Novel Writing Month (NaNo). Dairenna is a regular participate in NaNo and has won every event since 2010.

The serial Avalora School of Magic will be forever ongoing which is not suited for novel-form. It follows the lives of six teens as they learn about their innate magic and what it means to grow up. Think of it as Harry Potter meets Friends. The website gathers all information about the series (except the story itself) so it can be seen in one easy to acccess place.

For comments, questions, rants, concerns or anything else: contact her on Twitter at

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